We love good books - beta version

Monday 19 de August de 2019


  Estimulate readers to share their books and knowledge giving second oportunities to our stocked books creating a sustainable world


  You can register your books and documents to organize them and share with your friends creating registers to avoid losses

  You can also register your books of courses to sell them to new learners

  You can register your wishes and request opinions and more options that we are creating everyday

  We all do following essential universal values of solidarity, Sustainability, Justice, Democracy and Transparency

  The website offers on request the following paying services:

  - Information loading support to companies and organiations

  - Customization support to companies and organiations

  - Segmented advertisement

  - Others related





  We develop this site with the efforts and suggestions of users

  We appreciate all contributions economics and non economics by registering them in the same application or mail to be as transparent as possible.

  Si quieres participar en el proyecto como inversor, programador, traducciones a otros idiomas o cualquier otra idea genial.


  Contact with us:


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